•  Please read before contact to make an appointment  •

 First of all, thank you for appreciating my work!


My drawing style and work direct me to the female universe and, therefore,

 I work   EXCLUSIVELY WITH WOMEN. Thanks for understanding, Boys.


All appointments request must be sent through the form below.


I do not tattoo woman under 18 years.


I do not tattoo on weekends.


No sketches will be sent, as they are live created and drawn with a pen directly onto the skin and then tattooed.


I am glad about the interest of all of you, but because I am only one person and the demand is huge…

Due to that limitation, I can not book all of you as fast as you desire, so I ask for your patience and understanding from now on.


Normally, the waiting list is around 6 months, but if you are coming from abroad, 

please let me know when that will be and I will try to squeeze some appointments to accommodate yours.

In case you are a foreign client coming to Brazil for a short period and would like to get tattooed,

please send an email to gabibessatattoo@gmail.com

Please make sure you add the word "International" to your subject.

Now, I would like to know a little about you, so then I can better understand what you desire.

That way, we can talk properly and schedule your tattoo.





I create Tattoos according to the body shape, so they will be unique as you.

I Hope to see you Soon !